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Drinking and Skiing: How to be safe

Dont Ski and drive!

It beats logic why skiing and drinking beer go hand in hand, but for some odd reason, they are a perfect match. Nobody knows how it came to be but socializing over a cold beer, and other alcoholic beverages have been the tradition in the ski boarding culture.

A recent survey reported that after a long ski session, removing the boots was the second most refreshing feeling after taking a swig of their favorite beer. While it is common knowledge that ski boarding while intoxicated is dangerous, it is a snowballing trend among skiers. In some countries like Austria, skiers take a round of alcohol before hitting the slopes.

And some of them even do it, by using a Beer Bong. Click on the link, to see what a beer bond actually is. It is important to note that skiing under the influence guarantees you jail time or a fine in some states like Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada, among others. We have great skiing equipment, but so does this shop:


Skiboarding is a sport that requires maximum alertness while moving at incredibly high speeds and a fine or jail time for undertaking the sport while intoxicated should be the least of your worries. Here is a good ressource for futher reading:  Continue reading Drinking and Skiing: How to be safe